New member of ONS Group

New member of ONS


ONS is now in the air

ONS Group of Companies added ONS Aviation Industry and Trade Inc. to its member companies. Selçuk Sünnetçioğlu was appointed General Manager of the company.

We had an interview with Selçuk Sünnetçioğlu regarding the activities of ONS Aviation Industry and Trade Inc. which was established to operate in the aviation and space sector.


QUESTION – Mr. Selçuk, Could you introduce yourself briefly?

SELÇUK SÜNNETÇİOĞLU – I was born in Bursa in 1983. I was graduated from Tophane Technical High school. I graduated from Dumlupınar University, department of Mechanical Education. I got educated foreing language in England for 1 year.  I had been working in DE-Mİ company as Production manager during 5 years. I worked at ONS Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. for 9 years as Project Manager and Sales Marketing Manager. I’m married and I have 2 children.


QUESTION – What kind of contribution do you intend to the ONS Brand?

SELÇUK SÜNNETÇİOĞLU – Our primary goal is to introduce the brand to the world by successfully accomplishing the projects of the ONS Group in the aerospace sector.

First of all, being a recognized company in the sector in a short time with national projects and then to become an international company exporting projects.

On the other hand, we aim to create a corporate structure and meet the quality standards expected by the sector and customers, by receiving AS9100 Certificate.


QUESTION – What is your target in the medium term?

SELÇUK SÜNNETÇİOĞLU – Our primary goal is to commissioning domestic and national projects, and to become one of the main suppliers of giant companies such as Airbus and Boeing.


QUESTION – What kind of contributions do you aim to make to the sector and the country?

SELÇUK SÜNNETÇİOĞLU – We have more than 25 years of experience in the sector. The aviation industry is a specialty with its own specific sensitivities. You must correctly structure and manage your processes to produce high quality products and parts. Your customers demand more advanced technology products from you than other sectors. Therefore, we need to work hard and be productive. We want to bring the aviation sector in Turkey to world standards and contribute to quality awareness. We wish to present our experience in international markets to the service of our country.

ONS November 2019 / Issue 8